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Queen of Babylon
14 October 1987
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BabylonQueen // Severine

pissed off.productive.rejected.relaxed.restless.rushed.sad.scared.shocked.sick.silly.sleepy.sore
stressed.thoughtful.tired.uncomfortable.weird.worried. //

♥ ♥ ♥

//alanis morissett . alice cooper . alison krauss . the all-american rejects . angels and airwaves . basement jaXX . bon jovi . bruce springsteen . chad kroeger . chris isaak . clarkson, kellY . creed . cure . the dandY warhols . darren haYes . depeche mode . dead can dance . disturbed . drowning pool . duran duran . enYa . evanescence . fall out boY . flogging mollY . foo fighters . foreigner . fort minor . garbage . godsmack . goo goo dolls . gorillaZ . green daY . him . idina menZel . iio . jimmY eat world . johnnY cash . josÉ gonZÁleZ . josh groban . journeY . kaiser chiefs . korn . kristine w . lostprophets . marc anthonY . massive attack . mattafiX . matthew good band . metallica . mY chemical romance . nickelback . nine inch nails . oleander . orgY . panic! at the disco . papa roach . pearl jam . placebo . the postal service .tokio hotel. queen . rammstein . saliva . savage garden . snow patrol . static-X . tool . u2 . union of knives . music from queer as folk . //

♥ ♥ ♥

//Gladiator .The Mummy .Bang bang you're dead .Amercan pie .The grudge .Scary movie .Nightmare on elm street .Friday 13th .Freddy vs jason .austin powers .Triple x .Garfield .Shrek .Scooby doo .Nutty professor .Boomerang .Teh fast and the furious .2 fast 2 furious .Dumb and dumber .Lord of the rings .Harry potter .The empire's new groove .Teh hulk .8 mile .The green mile .What woman want .Ms.doubtfire .Dr doolitle .Grease .Van helsing .men in black .Stuart little .Wake .Velvet goldmine .Ace ventura .Ali G .The craft .White chicks . //

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Randy Harrison... Queer as Folk... Brian & Justin

One Tree Hill

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