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Queen of Babylon


About Me

Hey everyone, so i'm Severine. Also known as BabylonQueen. I'm 20 years old and i live in Belgium. That's Europe. I have a boyfriend, 2 cats and 1 dog. I love my kitties. Oh and my boyfriend to ;) I love to do some graphics from time to time. That includes fics, icons, vids,... I have a huge passion for Randy Harrison. Yeah i love the man to death!

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Friends only [04/18/05]

I made my LJ friends only. The things you will find here are my vids, pics, walls ,icons, fics, banners... from my favo stuff.My droowling over Randy and Gale. And of course daily stuff. Add me or comment either way i will friend you back. I just made my Lj friends only because there are to much fcukers in here if you know what i mean ;)
I love everyone so cum on in sweets!

-Add me first.
-Comment and be nice.
-I will add you back
-I will post back to you

Now that's easy right?
xxx Seve
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My Fics [04/17/05]
All my fics are in this list...

Check them out! Collapse )

XXX Severine
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Graphics [04/17/05]
Yeah, all my graphics are gone.

Well not really gone, i moved them over here.

Graphics: icons, headers, banners, etc...
BQ's graphics

Layouts: B&J, Randy/Justin, Gale/Brian, Random,...
BabylonQueen's Layouts

Go and join *wink*

xxx Seve

teh crap ICONS + hor icons [04/16/05]
My more crapier icons...thank you.

where made in the very very beginning of my icon making.

crappy icons + hor iconsCollapse )

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